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a photo of Luke Perisich
Luke Perisich, Luxury Real Estate Broker and Builder in Western North Carolina

Have you always thought how great it would be to have a builder friend help you with your real estate needs? Here he is…

His friends say he laughs at everything and wouldn’t be able to talk if you tied his arms to his side. Luke has had a tool belt since he was 2 years old (no that is not a joke, ask him to show you the picture). He has been a licensed NC General Contractor since 2004. After years of building in Pennsylvania, the last 18 years were spent building custom homes and light commercial projects on the coast of NC.

What better way to PIVOT than being able to provide almost 35 years of construction knowledge and experience to his real estate clients. Those years include a broad range of projects from a golf community amenity center to a plethora of homes including entry level to one-of-a-kind luxury homes. Oh, and he’s torn homes down and rebuilt them as well as handled renovations in high-rise condos. Those are just some of the projects that quickly come to mind. Travels for hurricane construction relief work and safety training for volunteers are intertwined as well.

Are you ready to buy or sell? Give him a call. Just be ready to laugh and have a great time doing it. You’ll see.